Baths vs. Showers: What Comes Out on Top

The age-old debate of which bathing method is best – baths or showers – has provided spirited conversations with friends, families, and online message boards. Each side has proven some considerable pros and cons.

Baths are Better

Society has evolved into one that encourages self-care. The demand on the human body and mind – raising children, finding or working at a demanding job, keeping up with the house, political debates, the ever-changing news cycle – it all takes a toll on the soul.

According to dermatologists across the globe, soaking your body in a nice, warm bath can lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and it undoubtedly has the ability to reduce that daily anxiety.

Not only can it help your mood, but it can also help reduce the aches and pains that may come from a long day of physical work or the effects of stress on the shoulders and back. Adding Epsom salt to the bathwater could prove to be a godsend.

However, oddly enough, baths can dehydrate your skin once it’s no longer submerged in that heavenly bathwater. All of the moisture evaporates and could leave skin dry and itchy. To remedy this, be sure to use an intensive moisturizing lotion after stepping out of the tub – especially if you are prone to dry skin.

Showers are Superior

For those who are short on time or just love the feeling of water beating down on their tired shoulders, showers are what they crave. Whether morning, afternoon, or evening showerers… there are benefits and shortcomings to the shower method of cleanliness.

If sweat is an issue, the gym is your second home, or your preferences (or job) require a lot of facial and/or body make-up – showers may be the preferred way to scrub off the day. All of those excess particles are washed away and rinsed down the drain – opposed to sitting on your skin in bathwater. Showers are more hygienic.

Many people have filled their days with activities, work, playdates, socializing, self-care rituals, and exercise – leaving them on a serious time crunch. Showers can be much quicker and squeezed in between errands or appointments.

Showers are also much more effective for rinsing out shampoo and conditioner from your hair – leaving your skin’s natural oils intact which can take care of that pesky itch issue that could accompany bath habits. Many people are prone to oily scalps and showering can help to alleviate the build-up from inadequate rinsing.

Additionally, depending on whether your shower water temperature preference is lukewarm or lava – the hotter the temperature, the more apt you are to have a dry-skin result.

Whether you prefer showers or baths – we may have helped settle a personal debate, and the public one may live on to see another day.