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Canada is a land of extremes.  Extreme resilience. Extreme diversity. Extreme beauty.  From nature's protectors, like the Mi'kmaq, Blackfoot and Cree, to our explorers whose will and courage opened up a land so great, Canadian culture is rich and beautiful. The inception of Northworx was inspired by our people and our land. For it is our country that shapes Canadians. 

At Northworx we are proud to offer Canadian curated, quality pieces that accent your space. We are a team of world class artisans, craftsmen, and makers who breathe Canadian spirit into all we do. Whether Northworx beautifies your home or your hotel, every piece is sure to be infused with that same Canadian spirit and ingenuity that has driven our beautiful Nation.  

We are a purpose-led brand committed to positively impacting our planet and its people. Our products are made of sustainable and local materials. That’s simply the Canadian way. 

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