5 Ways to Mentally Refresh After a Stressful Day

From time to time, every person on planet Earth has a stressful day. The manager at work is harping on you. The child got sick at school. Someone left the refrigerator open this morning and now the meat for dinner is spoiled. The list can go on and on. 

How do you mentally de-stress after a taxing day?


It may help to get all your feelings, frustrations, and stress-inducing things out of your mind and onto paper. Grab a journal, notebook or even a grocery list and just write. Express your feelings through words and oftentimes, it can help to alleviate those stressful feelings.


Another method of journaling is to jot down some daily gratitude. Instead of placing focus on those events that caused you to stress, shift your mind to those moments of bliss that resulted in a huge smile and a feeling of utter gratitude.  Write those down instead and it can help to make the stress smaller while highlighting the great things that happened today.


Experts agree that meditation can help to cure your anxiety-filled emotions. Embrace the quiet and release the stressful thoughts of the day. Focus on breathing in and out with intention while you relax with some instrumental music, sound effects, or relaxation-focused music.


Massage Therapy

Stress can cause your muscles to contract around the neck and shoulder area. Prolonged stress with muscle aches can result in stress headaches. One way to cure the issue is with massage therapy. Try to get an appointment at your local massage therapy clinic or practitioner so they can rub the day away.


Even 30 minutes of doing crafts, hiking in the wilderness, or baking a dessert can help to forget about the day. Sometimes refocusing on something you truly enjoy means so much to your heart and soul. Take some time to get creative and melt the stress away.

Date Night

Change up the scenery. Get out with your spouse, partner, or a group of friends who aren’t interested in commiserating, but are more focused on having a great time. Immerse yourself in a movie. Go out for a dinner filled with laughs. Reminisce about last year’s awesome vacation.

No matter what you choose to do to alleviate your stress and regain your mental wellness, choose something that works for you. Find something you truly enjoy from your heart and soul -- and do that! When you redirect your focus and attention from the negative to something positive, it can assist with lifting your overall mood.