5 Innovative Sustainable Products for Your Home 

When searching for quality, handcrafted home décor and eye-catching pieces for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living spaces – the next generation of environmentally-focused world citizens are also prioritizing those that are sustainable. 

We have only one planet and as we reap the benefit of it’s resources, we must also give back and appreciate all that it has to offer. 

We have the opportunity to do just that by purchasing products made from nature’s renewable resources while reducing waste, working to minimize our carbon footprint, and basking in the beauty of the outdoors – inside our homes.

Sustainable Kitchen Products 

Not only are trivets a crucial item to protect your granite, wood, or quartz countertops from heat damage but they can also add elegance and flare to your dining table while serving guests. 

Whether woven raffia, rubber, or part of your stoneware collection, trivets come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match every kitchen color scheme. 

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture 

There are hundreds of choices when shopping for new bedroom furniture and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Solid wood furniture sets including a platform or poster bed, night stands, a dresser and even a desk can be crafted into any design genre, but will always be eco-friendly. 

Researching local, national, and online furniture creators that prioritize renewable materials can offer peace of mind that the buyer is getting both a beautiful, unique masterpiece and is also keeping the environment at the forefront of the decision-making process – so we may continue to enjoy it’s beauty for generations to come. 

Spa-Feel Bathroom Products 

Bringing the earth tones inside entices a spa-like feel to any bathroom retreat. Northworx handcrafted soap trays composed of Canadian products offer instant zen. 

The perfect place to lay your artisanal soaps, locally-sourced soap trays can be an accent piece in colors like Twilight, Sunrise, Beach Sand, and River’s Edge.  Northworx pebble trays protect your bathroom surfaces with a dimpled design while extending the life of the soap. 

Handcrafted Living Room Decor 

Loomed by hand, there are hundreds of accent rug designs made by cooperatives across the globe. Peru, Uganda, and Morocco are just a few of many countries that provide one-of-a-kind, sustainable floor coverings. 

Whether the living room décor is modern, traditional, or eclectic, there is a handmade rug to suit the style and complimentary color scheme of every shared space.

Sustainable Cleaning Products 

Deciding to purchase planet-friendly items to adorn your home is a smart investment, but they must also be cleaned. Reusable glass spray bottles and concentrated green cleaners are gaining in popularity among every generation of consumers. 

Reduce waste without sacrificing quality using eco-friendly, plant-based cleaning products. They keep your home in great shape while maintaining the integrity of the wood, stone, and fabrics. 

Sustainable living is easier to achieve and much less expensive when our global citizens work together to achieve it. Choosing items crafted from renewable products is a wonderful start to a beautiful mission. 

Sustained décor. Sustained living. Sustained planet.