Decorating the Perfect Guest Room

Entertaining guests in your home is an art. You want them to feel comfortable, welcome, and as if the space is their own. Whether it’s for a friend crashing for the night or out of towners visiting for the weekend, we break down a few ways to create a beautiful yet simple space for your visitors to enjoy. 

Nailing the Decor

Keep the Décor Neutral

The first step to achieving the perfect guest bedroom is to ensure the décor is sleek and neutral. Paint the room a subtle colour such as a light cream or light grey and use a neutral wallpaper to create a feature wall. 

Aim for Inviting Lighting

Create a warm, cosy atmosphere for your guests with a warm light. If possible, pick a room that also allows for natural light. Vitamin D makes everyone happy. Pro Tip: Decorate the room with lamps, wall lamps or dimmable ceiling lights. 

An Entertainment Centre

Your guests will really appreciate some sort of entertainment centre in their bedroom such as a TV equipped with Netflix!

Amenities for Your Guest Room

To show you are a thoughtful host, complete your guest bedroom with these amenities. This will ensure your visitor feels welcomed and has a comfortable stay.

To help your guest achieve peace and tranquillity there are a few things you can consider adding to their room to make the stay a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

A Tea and Coffee Station

If your space allows it, you may want to consider setting up a simple tea or coffee station. Your guests may appreciate a tea and coffee station, with some of their favourite snacks. Find a safe spot to place a kettle or coffee maker and all the necessary supplies to fit personal coffee tastes.

Your guests may be more comfortable making themselves a beverage in the bedroom, rather than in an unfamiliar kitchen, not knowing if they rise before everyone else in the house. 

Cozy Robes and Towels

Go the extra mile to make your guest feel comfortable. Robes and towels are something guests cannot pack as they take up a lot of space, so why not surprise your guest with these luxury items?

Robes also allow your guests to use the bathroom without having to get fully dressed.

Provide a Basket of Toiletries

Remember the good old days of AirBnb, when homeowners would leave extra touches to make you feel like you were staying at a 5 Star hotel? Treat your guests to a basket full of organic toiletries for them to use. Include things like: 

  • Cozy slippers they can take home
  • Organic makeup removers
  • Razors, cotton buds and other items
  • Charcoal Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Fully stocked shower

Place the basket on the desk or bed for when they arrive.

It’s All About The Details

If your overnight guests are from out of town, why not spruce up the space with some unique local details. Whether it’s an art piece in the room done by a local artist or stocking the bathroom with Northworx products made by a local Canadian artisan. 

Set up a Comfortable and Relaxing Bed

Good quality, fresh linen is the perfect ingredient for a good night’s sleep. Good bedding can also make your guest bedroom feel like a serene sanctuary! So, invest in some soft, luxurious sheets for your guests. Pro Tip: Make it easier for your guest by storing extra bedding and blankets in the bedroom for them to use if they wish.

However you choose to set up the guest room, keep in mind that your guests are there to see you! Don’t overthink it and put a personal touch into their stay, even if that just means making up your signature cocktail!